Craven, Miriam Hot Shots 2: SB+Ebook+Reader+Writing booklet

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Craven, Miriam Hot Shots 2:  SB+Ebook+Reader+Writing booklet


Обзор книги Craven, Miriam Hot Shots 2: SB+Ebook+Reader+Writing booklet. The story involves a group of children who decide to organise a concert to raise money for charity. The cycles, which cover all skills, are of a manageable length and all 8 cycles can be completed in one school year. Each level is divided into 8 topic-related cycles. There are also memorable songs which students will enjoy listening to and singing. The Student’s Book is also accompanied by a Writing Booklet contained in a flap at the back of theStudent’s Book. The reader is brought to life in full animation in the Student’s e-book. Illustrations by: Ilias Sounas, Theofanis Skafifas, Akis Melachris. Students watch the adventure unfold as the children overcome several obstacles before the concert. Hot Shots 2 Student’s Book also contains topic-related project work and three plays which practise and consolidate the vocabulary and grammar taught at this level. Each of the eight cycles contains: stimulating and manageable two-page lessons designed to be simple to use and easy to teach; а carefully-structured review which checks students’ progress; a topic-related writing activity in the separate Writing Booklet; an exciting episode of the on-going story with exercises contained in the free reader. Hot Shots is an exciting new three-level course specially written for young learners. Students will be able to perform these plays for parents and friends, giving them a great sense of achievement. There is also an on-going story in reader form linked to each unit and divided into eight episodes, which will not only help students revise and practise material learnt but will also capture their interest and motivate them to use the language.

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